School or Club Presentation: Creating Everglades Enthusiasts

The Everglades covers a vast area of South Florida with nine
different ecosystems hosting surprising varieties of birds
and wildlife. Despite its apparent size, this environment
has suffered major damage during the 20th century.

Sue Van Wassenhove's presentation on the Everglades
explores the area's diverse ecosystems with interesting
photos and details on its wildlife. She'll explain how the weather, seasons, road construction, Florida's population growth, agriculture and water management have all impacted the lives of the Everglades' creatures.

In her book, The Seldom-Ever-Shady Glades, Sue piques children's interest in poetry with blue-mouthed cormorants and crab-crunching alligators. For a children's group, these tidbits along with an ecology discussion will help young readers appreciate man's enormous impact on this fragile environment.


Everglades and Florida facts
Nine ecosystems and two seasons
Alligators and crocodiles
Manatees and water life
Problems endangering the Everglades
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